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Why Windshield Damage Should Be Taken More Seriously

Windshield damage should be taken seriously, whether it is a small chip or a large crack. Unfortunately, most drivers are tempted to overlook it, especially if it's not limiting their ability to see when they drive. However, you must know that even the most insignificant cracks or chips can grow easily and quickly. Consequently, it will bring about more safety hazards and put you at risk every time you get into your vehicle. So let's go over the dangers of cracked auto glass. 


The Dangers of a Cracked Windshield

Inclement Weather & Extreme Temperature Can Worsen the Damage

Whenever it rains or snow, water will trickle into the chip or crack. If the area remains damp and enclosed in cold temperatures, then the crack will worsen. Extreme heat from the summertime can also cause the damage to worsen if left ignored.

Higher Potential of Car Accidents 

If your cracked windshield is blocking you from clearly seeing while driving, then you need to get it repaired ASAP. You are putting yourself and others on the road at considerable risk and increasing your possibility of getting into a crash. 

More Serious Injuries from Car Accidents

The glass surfaces of your car contribute to the overall structural integrity of the vehicle. Specifically, with windshields, they serve to carry the force of a frontal collision down its body. The glass of a broken windshield is proven to be unreliable. For instance, if you were in an accident, the windshield has a higher chance of breaking. The result of this could lead to glass shards making severe cuts through your skin. Get your glass repaired so that the impact of an accident would get curved and decrease the likelihood of passenger injuries.


Auto Glass Service at West Coast Tire & Service

We hoped that we convinced you that it is vital to seek auto glass repair on your damaged windshield. It doesn't matter if the crack or chip is super miniature; you can never be too sure of what could happen. The damage can reach new areas over time if not fixed. 


We've been a trusted, family-owned business since 1970. If you are searching for auto glass repair or need any professional advice on your vehicle, our team at West Coast Tire & Service is happy to help!