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Why Isn't Air Coming Out of My Car Vents?

You turn on your vehicle's air conditioning system only to find that no air flows out of your vents - at all. You try the heating system to no avail, and wonder, why isn't air coming out of my car vents? Lets take a look at some of the causes for air blockage. 

Your vehicle's HVAC system pulls air from the outside of your car and pushes air outside of your car. It also cools air for the air conditioning, heats air for the heater, and filters air so that you aren't breathing in harmful pollutants from the outside. If your vents suddenly stop working, you may be stuck driving uncomfortably in a stuffy cabin. Additionally, there may be something wrong with your vehicle. While the issue may not directly affect your ability to drive, it will definitely affect your comfort and the quality of air you breath in. 

Here are some of the most common causes of why air doesn't flow out of your vehicle's vents: 

  • Your air intake is clogged, meaning that air isn't getting in from the outside at all or isn't circulating properly. 
  • There is a blown fuse in the ventilation system. 
  • Electrical issues such as a bad relay. 
  • Damaged blower motor.
  • Blower resistor is malfunctioning.
  • A broken hose within the ventilation system.

If you are experiencing issues with air blowing from your car vents, bring your vehicle into West Coast Tire & Service today. Our mechanics can identify the issue and ensure that you get back on the road with a top working vehicle quickly.