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Why Is My Steering Wheel Vibrating?

You expect your commute home to be smooth and uneventful, but out of the blue, the steering wheel starts shaking. If the road is smooth and driving conditions are normal; the steering wheel should only move when you turn it. A shaking steering wheel is a big sign that something has gone wrong. Unfortunately, a steering wheel that's vibrating won't fix itself. A shaky steering wheel can not only disrupt your drive but can be dangerous. Various reasons can impact the steering wheel's performance; below are three common reasons to look out for. 

The suspension components are worn.

If you're driving an older vehicle, the suspension may be worn, or the alignment can be off. Suspension parts become loose over time; if ignored, they can cause your steering wheel to vibrate. If the suspension parts are worn, the vibrating will be most noticeable when driving over 45mph. Potential suspension issues should be inspected right away; without professional attention, the damage can become severe.

The tires are out of balance.

One of the most common reasons the steering wheel will start vibrating is because the tires are out of balance. If you suspect the tires are out of balance, there are a few aspects to check to narrow things down. Check that all of the tires are the correct tire pressure. Inflate them to the appropriate pressure and see if that solves the issue. If that doesn't help, check the tire tread and the pattern of wear. Uneven tire wear can indicate the wheels are unbalanced or an alignment issue. Tires should always be properly inflated and worn evenly. Unevenly worn tire tread can also mean the wheel axle is bent or damaged. 

There's an issue with the brake rotors. 

Make a note of when you notice the steering wheel vibrations. If the shaking is more pronounced when you're braking, the brake rotors may be worn. A shaky steering wheel may also make the brake pedal vibrate. Any interruption in the performance of the brakes should be inspected right away. An inspection can identify whether the issue is with the brake rotors or the brake pads to help resolve the steering wheel shakes.  

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