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What To Do If You Have a Tire Blowout

A blowout can often be confused with a flat tire; however, the two are different. A flat tire usually has a slow release of pressure. A blowout, on the other hand, involves a rapid loss of pressure. When a blowout occurs, you will hear a loud bang sound due to the rapid pressure release. You will also hear a flapping sound as the blown-out tire continues to make contact with the road.

What do you do if you experience a tire blowout?

Steer straight

When your tire blows, the car tends to wobble and pull in one direction. You need to firmly grip the steering wheel and try to steer the car in a straight path. You may be tempted to overcorrect or steer the car in a different direction. Avoid this and try to keep your car moving forward.

Do not step on the brakes

Applying the brakes is a terrible idea when your tire blows out. Instead, you need to gently accelerate so that you can regain control and keep moving forward. Ideally, accelerating does not put you in any danger as a blown tire creates drag, therefore slowing down the vehicle.

Gradually slow down and pullover

A blown tire drags your vehicle. Gently release your foot from the accelerator and allow the car to slow down. You can then gently apply the brakes once you have reached speeds of less than 30mph.

Activate your emergency flashers

Do this as you decelerate. Once you stop, you need to set up reflective triangles, cones, or other hazard signs to warn other drivers of the danger ahead.

Change your tire

You can do this once your car is safely parked off the road. Call for help in case you are unable to do it yourself.

How can you avoid a blowout?

Proper tire maintenance is the best way to avoid a blowout. This involves maintaining the appropriate tire pressure, ensuring you have the appropriate wear and tread depth, and changing tires after every 5000 miles traveled.

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