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What Parts Make Up the Suspension System?

The automobile’s suspension system is key to ensuring drivers enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride. The system is quite complex, consisting of shock absorbers, struts, springs, and more to help absorb the impacts of bumps and other road imperfections. By keeping your suspension in check, you will have a safer, smoother, and more efficient ride.  


Suspension maintenance is not difficult at all. All you have to do is keep up with your vehicle services by bringing your car to the experts at West Coast Tire & Service. We have knowledgeable technicians who can thoroughly inspect your suspension components and check to make sure that they are performing their job. 


To understand what needs to be done with your suspension system, you should first know what its primary parts are. They include the shock absorbers, coil springs, struts, leaf springs, and the tires. 

  • Shock absorbers are long cylinder-shaped pistons filled with fluid or gas. They support the springs by being compressive. Shocks play a significant role in reducing the impact of road dips or bumps. 
  • Coil springs neighbor your shocks, and they also take some of the impact.
  • Struts are an assembly that combine the shocks and coil springs. Struts provide hold up your vehicle’s structure. It is important to note that not all cars have struts.
  • Leaf springs are metal plates stacked together. They prevent vehicle vibrations and are predominantly found on automobiles with solid rear axles. 
  • Tires are not often thought of when you hear about the suspension system, but it makes sense since they are the only part of your vehicle that touches the ground. Your tires can take the most hit from driving over road bumps and dips. They take in the impact and transfer the energy to the shocks and/or struts.


You can check on the condition of your shocks and struts by doing the bounce test at home and visually inspecting them for signs of wear and tear. Moreover, you can keep your tires in good shape by monitoring its pressure and tread depth. However, our mechanics will gladly inspect your suspension at every major service appointment. 


Below are some of the major indications that mean you need suspension repairs:

  • Bumpy ride
  • Vehicle bounces or rocks back and forth
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle dips when braking
  • Shocks and struts look greasy

If your car shows any of the warning signs above, we invite you to bring your vehicle to the suspension repair specialists at West Coast Tire & Service today. We are committed to providing you with a safer ride.