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Tune-Ups Are A Necessary Maintenance Practice

A standard tune-up is the perfect type of service to help maintain your car's integrity and performance! If you want your vehicle to last you for years to come, we recommend that you take it to West Coast Tire & Service for a much-needed tune-up. Our ASE-certified mechanics at our auto repair shop in Los Angeles have the necessary skills and equipment to tune your vehicle no matter what make or model you own. We even tune-up hybrids! 


A tune-up at West Coast Tire & Service will typically include the following services:

  • Oil change and replace the oil filter.
  • Replacing fuel filters.
  • Replacing air filters.
  • Inspecting or swapping out PCV valves.
  • Fuel induction service.
  • Examining distributor cap.
  • Replacing spark plugs and ignition coils.
  • Checking and changing fluids. (Flush fluid if necessary)
  • Inspecting hoses and belts and make replacements if needed.
  • And more.

What Are the Benefits of a Tune-Up?

  • It can extend the life of your car.
  • It can improve your fuel economy.
  • It can reduce the cost of repairs in the long run.
  • It can enhance engine performance.
  • It can avert significant vehicle breakdowns.

At West Coast Tire & Auto, we use quality products (fluids, filters, tires, etc.) to help you maintain and preserve your vehicle. If you are experiencing problems with engine starts or lower gas mileage, then you're most likely due for a tune-up. Most modern cars can go anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 miles depending on how well you keep up with your scheduled maintenance.


Need a tune-up in Los Angeles, CA? We invite you to give West Coast Tire & Auto a call or visit for honest and quality auto services.