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Top 6 Hybrid Cars of 2021

While electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream at a higher price tag, traditional hybrids still have the best of both worlds. Regardless, hybrids continue to render some of the most fuel-efficient methods of transportation. Thanks to ongoing battery and powertrain technology improvements, some hybrids deliver nearly 60 mpg in combined driving. We thought we'd give a shoutout this month to the top 6 standout hybrid cars of 2021.

#1: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

  • Starting price at $23,200, EPA-Rated 58 MPG Combined
  • Very affordable even when fully optioned
  • Tech-savvy, apple carplay compatible
  • Unique, youthful style

#2: Toyota Prius

  • Starting price at $24,525, EPA-Rated at 56 MPG Combined
  • The mother of all hybrid vehicles
  • Fuel efficient and reliable
  • All-wheel-drive is an option on LE and XLE 

#3: Honda Insight

  • Starting price at $22,930, EPA-Rated 52 MPG Combined
  • Based on the Civic but gets its attractive, understated looks from the Accord
  • Extraordinary 55 mpg city fuel economy rating
  • Variety of standard amenities
  • Excellent in-cabin space

#4: Hyundai Sonata

  • Starting price at $27,750, EPA-Rated 52 MPG Combined
  • Tons of high-tech features
  • High tech style inside and out
  • It houses a four-cylinder engine and single electric motor to produce a combined 192 horsepower

#5: Toyota Camry 

  • Starting price at $27,270, EPA-Rated 52 MPG Combined
  • Actual performance and excitement with V6
  • Brand new standard safety features

#6: Lexus ES

  • Starting price at $41,810, EPA-Rated 44 MPG Combined
  • Confident and comfortable steering and handling
  • Excellent fuel economy from the 250 and hybrid
  • Newly available all-wheel drive
  • #8 in Best Luxury Cars for 2021 (Forbes)

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