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Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump in Your Car

Your car needs an uninterrupted flow of coolant that is supplied from the radiator to the rest of the engine. The system uses a water pump to maintain the flow. When it is working optimally, your car maintains low-temperature levels even on a hot day, and the engine runs smoothly. The pump is run by the engine's drive belt and pushes the coolant as the belt turns. While most water pumps last long, they are prone to normal wear and damage. Here are some symptoms to know that the water pump is failing.

1. The coolant leaks at the front of the car

Several gaskets are in place to seal the inlets to the pump. However, if the gasket seals wear out or break, the coolant leaks and forms pools just below the car's front. You may see some red or green substance where you had parked your vehicle. Also, you may notice low levels of the coolant in the reservoir a few days after refilling it.

2. Whining sounds from the pump pulley

You may also hear a high-pitched sound coming from the front of your vehicle. It is usually caused by a loose belt that makes a buzzing sound as it moves. A loose belt is caused by loose pulleys or the wearing out of the bearings that hold the pump assembly in place.

3. Overheating engine

If the water pump fails, it is unable to circulate the coolant around the engine. It causes the engine to overheat as a consequence. If the engine overheats, it will likely cause additional damage, such as blown head gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, damaged rings, and burnt pistons. The first sign is a temperature gauge that shows a high-temperature reading.

4. The steam that comes from the radiator

The other tell-tale sign is the appearance of steam from the front of the vehicle as you bring it to a stop. This occurrence means that the coolant has become too hot that it starts to boil. In such a case, the coolant is not losing heat fast enough to cool down the engine as it is not circulating as it should.

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