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Keep Your Car Happy With Scheduled Maintenance At The Auto Shop

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If you own a car, you were probably told about your car's factory maintenance schedule. Usually, your scheduled maintenance will happen every 30,000 miles. As a result, you'll sometimes here your mechanic call it 30/60/90k maintenance. Your schedule might be different, but if you make sure to go in for your scheduled visits to the auto shop you won't have to make as many unplanned visits to your mechanic.

Many people think 30/60/90k maintenance plans are just another way dealers upsell and make you spend more money. If you're faithful to your scheduled maintenance, you'll extend your car's life and get better performance. Meanwhile, many car makers think scheduled maintenance is so important, they won't honor their warranty if you don't follow the schedule.

What Makes Scheduled Maintenance So Important?

Have you ever heard the phrase "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."? It's true. While your auto shop can fix any problems that come up, you could save thousands of dollars by sticking to the 30/60/90k maintenance plan. Regular maintenance will let your auto shop identify faulty parts before you have bigger problems. Even if you don't mind spending your money on repairs, you certainly don't want to spend the day with your mechanic. Proper maintenance keeps your car running at top efficiency, meaning you'll save money at the pump through better gas mileage. And another way you'll save money by sticking to regular maintenance is by squeezing more miles out of your car's life. All things considered, you stand to gain a lot more than you spend on regular scheduled maintenance.

You Don't Have to take Your Car to the Dealership

While dealers would like you to think they're the only ones who can handle your scheduled maintenance, it's a myth. They'd like your money to go to them, but if your auto shop is ASE- certified like West Coast Tire & Service, your warranty will still be good. If you take your car to your trusted mechanic, you'll be able to save money on your maintenance.

What Does the Auto Shop Actually do for Factory Maintenance?

When you take your car to the auto shop, your mechanic's first step is a full inspection of your car. A detailed inspection allows your mechanic to see any problem areas, as well as recommend any repairs or replacements if needed. Your maintenance also includes topping off fluids like your coolant and transmission fluid.

Your exact maintenance might change depending on your car's model. In general scheduled maintenance includes: Changing your oil, and replacing your spark plugs as well as your filters. Furthermore, you'll get tire rotations, a coolant flush, and a check of your transmission and brake fluids. As your car gets on in miles, your mechanic will likely recommend more parts to replace. For example, at 90,000 miles, most mechanics suggest replacing your timing belt.

As a 5th generation family business, West Coast Tire has the experience you're looking for in an auto shop. Regardless of your make or model, we are happy to earn your business. If you think it's time for your scheduled maintenance, or just need an oil change, call (310) 477-7057 or visit our contact page.