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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Summer Season

The "summer beach body" is probably something you have heard people talk about, or if you are like most of us, have at least thought about yourself. Your vehicle is no different.

Summer brings an entirely different slate of challenges and that means every vehicle owner should bring their vehicle to their mechanic for a summer tune-up. That should include:

New Oil and Filter

You will likely be taking road trips and running up the miles throughout the warmer, nicer weather. Additionally, if your last oil change was a while ago, winter weather runs your oil through the wringer. Address both and start fresh with an oil and filter change.

Check the Fluids

In addition to oil, the other fluids that help your vehicle run need to be checked as well. These include:

  • Transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Coolant
  • Brake

You should also check your windshield wiper fluid and make sure that is up to handling the onslaught of bugs during summer night driving.

Tire Pressure

Winter is really rough on tires, because of potholes, frost heaves, etc. Tires also lose and/or gain pressure based on temperature. Have our mechanic check your tires and set the air pressure to the manufacturer's recommendation.


Summer can lead to battery oxidation and failure. Heat can lessen the lifespan of your batter and if you have a battery that is close to failing, can push it over the edge. Have your battery's strength and health assessed and replace it if necessary.


Any part of your vehicle that is subjected to winter weather takes a beating. Your breaks are no exception. Get your brakes inspected and ask our mechanic to assess if your pads and rotors are good for the season or should be replaced.


Potholes, inclement weather, frost heaves, etc. put your alignment through a brutal test of endurance. Even a minor encounter with a pothole can leave your alignment misaligned. Get it checked out before you discover a problem on that first big road trip.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for summer. Bring it in to our auto repair shop for an inspection and professional service today!