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How Long Do Batteries in Electric Cars Last?

If you know a thing or two about electric vehicles or EVs, their batteries are the powerhouse of the vehicle. Instead of gasoline, the electric engine gets its converts energy from the battery to move your car. That is why it is important for EV drivers to find mechanics that they can trust to service their vehicles.


Batteries are complex in EVs, and they were the primary reason why people are skeptical about buying an electric car in the first place. Before, batteries couldn’t hold as much power as EVs. However, the rapid advancements in recent years have increased EPAs, the estimated range for the number of miles that a vehicle can travel in both city and highway driving before needing to be charged. As a result, electric cars are more resilient than ever before, gaining more and more popularity. 


So, you’re probably thinking of the big, winning question: how long do batteries in electric vehicles last? EV batteries are typically covered up to 100,000 miles. With proper maintenance, you can extend your electric vehicle’s battery life to up to 200,000 miles, or the expected lifetime of the vehicle. 


Luckily, car batteries in EVs require little to no maintenance. As long as you frequently check on their condition, clean off visible corrosion, and perform healthy practices, your battery will continue to thrive. 


If your electric vehicle requires services or repairs, we welcome you to West Coast Tire & Service. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and have a skillful team of technicians on deck to service your EV. Please give us a call or visit today if you have any questions regarding our EV services.