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How Does Maintenance Differ in Hybrid Vehicles vs. Gas Vehicles?

It is not rare for drivers who operate gas-powered cars to perform their own minor maintenance, such as an oil change. However, performing do-it-yourself (DIY) maintenance for hybrid vehicles is much more complex and challenging because of their special components. At West Coast Tire & Service, we have the skills and experience to work on both hybrid and gas vehicles.


The amount of maintenance of your hybrid vehicle varies depnding on the make and age of the vehicle as well as your driving habits! A hybrid vehicle has most of the same parts as a gas-powered car, but with the addition of an electric system. Below are a few distinctions of maintenance services for hybrids that separates them from standard vehicles.

Less Frequent Oil Changes

The electric motor of a hybrid does not endure as much wear and tear as the engine of a gas-powered car. Due to this advantage, hybrid cars have a lower risk of motor failure and can endure longer intervals between oil changes.

Longer-lasting Brakes

In hybrid vehicles, the brake system experiences less heat and friction because of the regenerative brake feature. The self-sufficient braking system collects energy lost when the car slows down to provide energy for use at a later time.

Strong Battery System

The batteries in hybrids are a big distinction of hybrids, and they are made to last for a very long time. Sometimes, they can last as long as the vehicle's lifetime. The only drawback is that they require charging.


Hybrid Service in Los Angeles, CA

Overall, there are fewer and less complex parts when it comes to hybrids, which means less maintenance. If your hybrid requires service, we invite you to bring your car over to us at West Coast Tire & Service.