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Don't Get Taken for a Ride. Learn How to Find a Trustworthy Mechanic

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We've all experienced a shady mechanic. Some of us fear to take our car to any auto shop. You could end up spending thousands in unnecessary repairs. If you look on Facebook, you'll see people all over looking for recommendations for auto repair. Pay attention as you talk to your mechanic, and you can see the signs that tell you if your mechanic is trustworthy. Likewise, your careful eye will show you signs of deceit as well.

Be Sure You're Asking Your Mechanic the Right Questions

Your quest to find a trustworthy mechanic won't be easy. You'll find it easier to finish your journey in person. While you'll learn some through reviews, more signs are visible at the repair shop. You'll have to be ready to ask questions and cut through the technical jargon. Your car is an incredibly complicated machine, and your mechanic, like a doctor, might not think about the language they're using. If you're talking to a dishonest mechanic, they may try to avoid explaining things in simpler terms. Even if you're not dealing with a dishonest black thumb, inept or under-trained mechanics may also be unable to justify repairs, and you should avoid them all the same.

Make Sure You're Comparing the Same Jobs and Parts

When looking for a mechanic online, be sure that you're comparing the same job and parts. If you get a big price difference in your quotes, there may be a miscommunication. You'll need to refer to step one and make sure you ask the right questions to ensure you're on the same page.

Look for State and National Affiliations, Not Credentials

Unskilled car repair can hurt you just as badly as a dishonest mechanic. As such, you want to find mechanics certified to work on your car. However, don't get lost in a wall of credentials. Look for state and national affiliations like the ASA, AAA, and even the BBB is a useful sign. In addition, banner programs like Carquest Tech-Net have standards that must be met.

You Need to Recognize the Signs of a Bad Mechanic Too

In addition to knowing how to tell if you can trust your car to the shop, you should also be able to recognize dishonest or unskilled mechanics. In addition to being unable or unwilling to explain a problem in simple terms, you'll find other signs as well. For example, you don't want to hire a mechanic who does ‘gravy work'. You're paying for gravy work when you're charged for more hours than a job takes. You can find out if they're charging gravy work by asking several shops the price of a standard job, like turning rotors and replacing pads.

Don't Get Billed for Work Your Mechanic Didn't Do

Shady mechanics will charge you for work that they never did. For example, some air filters are not easy to change, and very easy to charge for replacing, without replacing it. Fortunately, this is easy to catch by asking to see the old parts.

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