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Monthly Archives: September 2020

5 Benefits of Waxing Your Vehicle

5 Benefits of Waxing Your Vehicle

Most vehicle owners focus on the mechanical aspects of their vehicles, such as the engine or transmissions. The outside of your car is just as important as the interior mechanical components. Car washes are essential, and after washing your vehicle, a wax should already be included in your regular maintenance routine. While it’s critical to keep your car clean, waxing your vehicle has lasting benefits that make it worth the extra few dollars. A good car wax is more than just shiny paint; below are a few reminders of the benefits to regularly waxing your car.  Wax Offers Protection Against Scratches  Wax has petroleum distillates, natural oils, and other ingredients that harden the wax on the paint. Dirt, grime, and drive-thru car washes can leave superficial scratches in the paint. Wax offers a clear coat on top of the paint that gives an additional layer of protection.  Prevents Sun Damage  Older vehicles that have been lef ... read more