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Monthly Archives: November 2016

5 Fun Facts From the Auto Repair Pros

5 Fun Facts From the Auto Repair Pros

America has always had a fascination with automobiles. Americans take pride in their cars and trucks, and they love to keep them clean, maintain them, and add goodies like fancy new tires or custom rims. Some shade tree mechanics even like doing a little auto repair work on their own. Another thing Americans love is talking about cars. We've assembled a few fun facts about cars you can use to impress your friends or your mechanic the next time you're in for an auto repair job: Older Cars Really Hummed With a Tune-Up Few people know it, but inventor Henry Ford coined the term tune up while he was working on his first automobile prototype. At the time, ignition systems were very simple. He used a separate ignition coil for every spark plug, so if a car had four spark plugs, it had four separate ignition coil ... read more