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Monthly Archives: February 2021

Are Engine Oil Additives Beneficial?

Are Engine Oil Additives Beneficial?

Motor oil has a purpose for your vehicle. It reduces friction, lubricates your engine parts, and greatly reduces the likelihood of engine grime and residue. Additives, on the other hand, are the chemical compounds in the oil that are added for the sole purpose of optimized performance and can come as part of the oil or be added in at the consumer's discretion. Without additives, oil can burn much faster than expected, which decreases its own life and adds wear and tear to your engine. Plus, as your oil burns, these essential additives can get lost, which is one of the main reasons to consider putting in an additive anytime between oil changes. There are some considerations when it comes to making your choice, and doing some research is beneficial. One is the warranty that comes with your car. This is something you should read before considering what should or should not be included in your engine's motor oil. A good balance of the right type of oil with the correct additives ... read more