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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Dim Car Lights? This May Be the Problem...

Dim Car Lights? This May Be the Problem...

As bright of a city as LA is, we still have to rely on our car lights at night. Whenever our headlights start to look dim or even flicker in the slightest, it could dangerously weaken our visibility of the road ahead of us. Various problems can cause your vehicle's lights to shift. The three most common areas where the problem can usually be traced are your battery, alternator, and ground wires.   Battery  The first electrical component you should consider inspecting is the battery. Your battery could be old and need a replacement. An old or defective battery could be the cause of your dimming lights. The best way to test your battery is to have a professional do it. At West Coast Tire & Service, we have all the proper equipment and tools to test your battery for you.   Alternator The second most common explanation of faint lights in your vehicle is a weak alternator. A damaged alternator will only cause the lights to dim or flicker when the car is on. This ... read more