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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Benefits of a Coolant Flush

Benefits of a Coolant Flush

No matter if it’s a short or a long drive, your engine creates a lot of energy and heat the moment your car starts moving. Your vehicle’s exhaust and cooling system work together to ensure your engine stays cool and doesn’t overheat. Antifreeze or engine coolant is a critical aspect of removing any excess heat from within the engine. The coolant not only absorbs heat within the engine but also stops all engine water from boiling, especially during hot temperatures. One significant way to maintain the health of your cooling system is with a coolant flush. What are some common benefits of a coolant flush? Coolant flushes prevent old antifreeze from becoming acidic. This is important because acidic antifreeze is damaging to all aluminum components, the rubber hoses, and the water pump. The new antifreeze that’s added has additives that work to help extend the life of your water pump. Coolant flushes remove rust and scale deposit build-up ... read more