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7 Great Ways To Help Your Car Tires Last Longer

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New car tires are a smart investment. Most new tires will last as many as 7 years, or up to 60,000 miles. Of course to save money, drivers will want to use those new car tires to as close to those limits as possible. Your car's engine needs regular maintenance to keep it running optimally. Your tires require regular inspections and maintenance, too. Here are 7 tips you can use today to help make sure you get the maximum life from your car tires:

Check the Air Pressure Regularly

One of the simplest tips is also one of the most useful. Poor car tire inflation is one of the leading causes of tire wear and tread loss. You should check the tire pressure at least once per week, or at every fuel fill-up. Tire manufacturers usually write the correct tire pressure on the sidewall of the tire. With a hand-held tire gauge, you can quickly and easily make sure the pressure on your new tires is correct. The best time to check your tires is when you have not driven on them for at least three hours.

Rotate Your Car Tires Frequently

Like flipping your mattress, you should rotate the tires on your car so they wear more evenly. You can rotate the tires yourself if you have a couple of tire jacks and a tire removal tool. You can also ask your local auto mechanic for assistance if needed.

Keep Your Car Tires Properly Aligned and Balanced

Unbalanced and mis-aligned tires could cause uneven wear, leading to early replacement. Be sure to check the alignment and balance of your car tires every once in a while. Regular alignment and balancing keeps the tread wear even on all 4 tires. It's quick and inexpensive to get a wheel alignment check at your local auto repair shop. As a bonus, if you get a wheel alignment check, you can ask your auto mechanic if they could also rotate your tires.

Keep an Eye on Tread Depth

Make sure that your tires have enough tread on them to handle all road conditions. Most tire manufacturers recommend changing your tires when less than 1/8 of an inch of tread remains. You should replace worn tires as soon as possible to avoid any issues on the road. It's easy to check the amount of tread remaining with just a coin. This makes it fast and easy to check the amount of wear on your car tires.

Avoid Potholes and Other Rough Terrain

Although a car's new tires are durable, driving over rough terrain can still cause damage. Even a medium sized pothole can cause damage to your car and its tires. Also, if you tend to scrape your car tires against the curb as you park, it could also cause excessive wear.

Keep Your Car Tires Clean and Shiny

Just as you wash the rest of your car, you should also make sure your car tires are clean. Mud and dirt can corrode the rim of your tire, which can wear out the treads if left unfixed too long. Constant UV radiation from sunlight can also damage the sidewalls of car tires. You can use a protectant on your tires after you wash your car and tires to help prevent UV damage.

Get the Right New Tires for Your Car

It may seem obvious, but some drivers don't put the correct size tires on their car. Whether they are using them for cosmetic reasons, or budget restraints, having an incorrect size tire can cause avoidable wear. Incorrect tire sizes can put a strain on a car's axles and transmission system, too, which may cause premature wear and breakage. This can reduce the life expectancy of not only your new tires but to your vehicle as well.

Ask the Experts in New Tires for the Best Advice

For the best advice for your car tires, it's smart to speak to the experts. In Los Angeles, see the experts at West Coast Tire and Service. Their fast and friendly auto repair specialists will make sure your wheels and tires are in perfect alignment and balance.Your car tires will thank you for it.