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7 Essential Items You Should Keep in Your Car


Everyone keeps plenty of stuff in their car. Some keep tools to make sure they are ready for any auto repair their car needs. Others keep vast collections of music, snacks, or even trash in their car (yuck!). Even if your car just contains old coffee cups and loose change, there should be at least a few essential items auto mechanics agree every car should have in case of emergencies. Check out these seven items that you should keep in your car, so you'll be ready if disaster ever strikes:

A Set of Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are the first thing that comes to mind in an emergency kit for your car. Whether jumping your own car or helping someone else with theirs, jumper cables is essential. Jumper cables are universal and easy to use. A 6 to 8-foot cable is inexpensive and usually comes with a storage bag.

A Good Flashlight

A magnetic LED flashlight is always good to keep in your car for night time use. It's hard to see under the hood to do an auto repair when it's dark outside. In a pinch, you can use a flashlight to signal for help. LED-based lights are brighter and have a longer battery life than their incandescent counterparts. A headlamp can help you stay hands-free while you work on your car.

A Flat Tire Repair Kit

Whether you're fixing your own tire, or helping somebody else fix theirs, you'll thank yourself for keeping a flat tire repair kit handy. They are not a cure-all or replacement for proper new tires. However, if you are stuck on the road with a flat tire, a flat tire repair kit can at least get you back on the road until you can get to a tire shop to have them replaced with new tires.

A Roll of Duct Tape

You may laugh when you think of keeping duct tape in your car. But there's a reason it's so widely used- it works, even for auto repair! At the very least, it can buy you time until you can reach an auto shop. If you get involved in an accident, but your car is still drivable, duct tape can hold everything together until you can get your car to a quality auto body shop. It may not look pretty, but it works!

Extra Fluids for Your Car

Keeping extra fluids and your car is a very good idea. Fluids like engine oil, coolant, or brake fluid are great to have handy in case the fluids ever run low. Although it is a good idea to have a gas can handy, it is never a good idea to keep it full of gas. This creates a major fire hazard that you should avoid at all costs. Stick to keeping the non-volatile fluids and you'll be just fine.

A Warm Blanket

You'll thank yourself for keeping a blanket handy if you're stranded and it's cold outside. In a worst case scenario of a blizzard, a blanket could mean the difference between staying warm and freezing. Blankets even help on hot, sunny days. Place it on the ground while changing your tire or performing your auto repair. This will help keep your knees and legs from frying on hot pavement and keep your pants from getting dirty.

An Emergency Charger or Spare Battery

Most people have a regular charger at the ready to plug into their car when the battery on their phone is running out. But if your car has no power, a charging cable won't help much. It's a good reason to keep a spare battery available for your phone. Battery packs are small and inexpensive, and you can use your USB to charge it up before you need it.

Turn the Quick Fix to a Quality Auto Repair ASAP

With these easy-to-get items, you can be sure that you can handle most emergency situations on the road. They may not be the best solutions available, but in a pinch, they can get you back on the road and into a repair shop where an auto mechanic can properly fix your car. In the greater Los Angeles area, one of the best places to take your car after disaster strikes is West Coast Tire & Service. You can rest assured the expert auto mechanics there will do your auto repair job right the first time. With their professional advice and service, you'll help keep potential emergencies in your brake lights.