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7 Collectible Cars You Chould be Buying for 2018

Cars are cherished collector's items in many people's homes. Even auto repair technicians usually have their favorite ride. Of course, not every car can be a highly coveted collectible worth a few times its selling price. But rest assured that 2018 will be a great year to get a good buy on several beautiful vehicles. Here are some of the top collectible car picks for 2018, from the experts in auto repair care:

Chevrolet Corvair

These cars are mechanically quite simple. If something does break, the aftermarket for spare parts is still relatively decent, according to reliable auto mechanics. Right now, these cars are low on the radar and are still affordable. For those that remember, the real doom of the Corvair (and others like it) came with Ralph Nader's book "Unsafe at Any Speed". Auto repair experts say the Corvair is a good classic for the money.

Alfa Romeo 164

The first Alfa to use computer-aided design, and the last Alfa sold in America until the luxurious 4C in 2013. Auto repair experts state that second-hand availability of parts is not bad. The actual running costs are fairly moderate as well. Plus, it's a fun little car to drive and enjoy.

Volvo 240

In stock form, these cars will run absolutely forever, and with some simple suspension modifications, they can really handle. Although it is a bit of a clunky boxy looking vehicle, it is very well built and very reliable. And Car enthusiasts are digging the 'retro' boxy styling that literally screams iconic. Service and maintenance of 240s is very simple, making it an ideal starter classic. Auto repair experts say that with the plethora of aftermarket parts available, it should stay running for a long while afterward as well!

Ford F-Series (6th generation- pre-1979)

Back in the olden days, Ford built their trucks to be workhorses, and it shows in their reliability and ruggedness. After 1979, Ford began to beef up their trucks, with larger engines and bigger, stronger beds. But the 6th generation series had plenty of beef of its own with a strong V8 engine. Auto repair experts say aftermarket parts are widely available. Unfortunately, rust is an issue with the old F-series. If you're looking to buy one make sure to check it thoroughly for any rust spots and keep it protected from any future damage.

Porsche 944 Turbo

The 944's front-mounted water-cooled engine made it a rare bird in the world of Porsches. In fact, to some, it was only a Porsche in name only. But time has moved on since then, and the world has forgiven Porsche for its misgivings. In fact, auto repair experts say that the value of a 944 has been increasing dramatically over that past few years. Plus, DIY auto mechanics enjoy tinkering with it. However, since there are so many out there, the value is still relatively low for a collector's car.

1970-1975 Dodge Challenger

The world still hasn't gotten over the muscle car crash of 2008. But, you can't keep a good car down. The old Dodge Challenger stayed along as a favored icon of the old style muscle car days. Car enthusiasts are coming back to the old school beasts as cars like the Challenger are fast becoming collector's items. Auto repair experts agree that their value likely will increase soon. It's a pure muscle car with great looks, major name brand recognition, and tire-smoking power. Get one on the cheap while you can!

1966-1977 Ford Bronco

The old style 1970s SUVs are fast becoming popular among the younger crowd. Their boxy looks won't win them any major awards, but they have a unique charm all their own that car enthusiasts crave. The older first-generation Broncos happen to be well-liked in particular. Their values have been steadily increasing over the past few years. However, considering how many younger enthusiasts are starting to pick up on this collector's car, they probably won't lose their value anytime soon.

Good Advice and Good Buys from the Auto Repair Experts

As we turn the final corner in 2017 and start looking into the new year, it's a great time to look ahead into 2018 to see the good and not-so-good buys of the upcoming year. And if you're looking for a great auto mechanic in LA that you can trust, come to the Los Angeles auto repair experts at West Coast Tire & Service. Our expert auto repair Technicians have been working on all kinds of cars, classic and modern, since the 1970s. We're also the biggest dealer of car tires in Los Angeles, with new tires from every major brand. We have the know-how to keep any collectible car on the road and looking sharp. And that will make any auto enthusiast very happy.