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6 Great Free Android Apps From the Auto Repair Experts


The power of smartphone technology is changing many aspects of our lives. Driving is no exception. Whether you need to find information for auto repair work, navigate busy streets, or find a nearby gas station, your smartphone can be invaluable. West Coast Tire and Service has compiled a list of 6 free Android apps that can't be beat for convenience and usefulness. The best part? They're free!

Waze - GPS, Maps, and Traffic

Next to Google Maps, which comes with almost every Android phone, Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Waze includes many of the features that other navigation apps offer, like the ability to report gas prices and speed traps. Waze also helps you plan a driving route based on traffic conditions. If you're feeling helpful, you can use Waze to alert other drivers of road hazards ahead. Drivers can report accidents, speed traps, construction, and other slowdowns. Waze is a very useful for long road commutes and shorter trips alike. Get it here

aCar - Car Management, Mileage

ACar is a straightforward app. It helps you manage everything about your car from an easy to use user interface. All you need to get started is to enter your automobile's make, model, year, etc. You can track more than one car if you want. This app can help you with things like maintenance schedules, and any auto repair jobs you may need. It tracks your gas mileage and calculates the true cost of driving your car. The app can also track all service tasks like an oil change or wheel alignment. It's great for reminding you when your next maintenance job is due. The app logs all your auto repair work, whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or the work is done by a qualified auto mechanic. This app is a great way to keep your car's history and maintenance schedule organized, and for tracking fuel and operating costs. Get it here

GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas

The app tells you the location of the nearest gas station. If there's more than one nearby, it helps you choose based on the lowest prices in the area. You can sort their results by distance, price, or brand. That makes it easy to find a good gas station wherever you are. The app relies on user submitted information. It's fun to help out your fellow drivers by submitting information about gas prices. Get it here


This app is great for people who want to be good citizens. With SeeClickFix, it's easy to do your good deed for the day. When you see a pothole in the road, a broken road sign, or a street light that needs repair, you can help fix it. Simply take a picture of the problem and send it in using the app. According to the app developers, over 2 million road hazards have been documented, and 75% of reported problems have been resolved. Get it here

Carrr Matey

If you've ever forgotten where you parked in a crowded parking lot, you're definitely not alone. Fortunately, with this cute pirate themed app, you'll never forget where your car is. Use the app to ‘weigh anchor' on the app's map at the spot where you park your car. The app will guide you back to your beloved ‘ship' when you're ready to go. The app also features a convenient parking timer and a compass to help you navigate while you're not yet on the road. You'll never lose your car again! Get it here

Where To Wee

It doesn't matter if you're setting out on a long road trip, or just out running errands. Eventually, everyone hears the call of nature while you're out driving. If you need an emergency pit stop, Where to Wee will help you to find a place nearby to use a rest room. Users can even rate a restroom and upload a photo, although we advise you to make sure you're alone in there when you bust out your camera. You can even browse the app for award-winning restrooms. When the time comes, you'll be thankful you have this app. Get it here

The Best App Is an Auto Repair Expert

These 6 apps will surely give you a helping hand. However, no matter how helpful your smartphone gets, it can't compete with the advice from an expert auto mechanic. West Coast Tire and Service. has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you with all your auto repair needs. And just like these Android apps, advice and estimates from West Coast Tire and Service are always free. Stop in today and see how they can help you with any auto repair job. And enjoy the free apps!