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5 Tips to Prevent Engine Overheating

We all love the summertime, but the heat can be damaging to your vehicle’s engine. It is important for you to be very careful this summer, especially if you haven’t gotten your cooling system maintenance. Since we don’t want you to face any unexpected breakdowns this summer, here are some tips to prevent engine overheating. 

Tip 1 - Keep Your Car in the Shade

Parking your vehicle out of the sun can keep the inside of the car cool, but it can keep your engine cool too. If you have a garage at home, don’t forget to take advantage of it! If you’re parking in public, opt for a shady spot. 

Tip 2 - Use Sun Shades

If you don’t have access to tip #1, we recommend you invest in a set of sunshades. This car accessory is great at blocking out harmful UV rays. 

Tip 3 - Pay Attention to Your Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge is a way to monitor your engine temperature. Located on your dashboard, the gauge has a needle that should remain in the middle while you drive. If it leans towards the hot end, please remember to pull over and take precautions.

Tip 4 - Turn on the Heat to Cool the Engine

The last thing you’d think to do is turn on the heater in the summer. However, if your temperature is on the brink of overheating, it may be necessary to cool off the engine. 

Tip 5 - Proper Cooling System Maintenance

The cooling system is the key to keeping your engine temperature at bay. To inspect your coolant levels, open the hood to locate the reservoir. You can top off your coolant regularly. And if the fluid is leaking or contaminated, consider getting a coolant flush. 


We cannot stress enough how vital maintenance is to your vehicle’s engine health. If you are in need of cooling system maintenance or repairs for your car, please do not hesitate to call or stop by West Coast Tire & Service.