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3 Ways to Tell When Your Car Is Due for an Oil Change

Oil changes are arguably one of the most important ways to maintain your vehicle’s integrity and reliability. They are quick and accessible, yet drivers tend to put this maintenance task off for as long as possible. Unfortunately, skipping oil changes can put your engine at great risk of damage later in the vehicle’s life. To stay on top of your oil changes, here are the top three ways to tell when it is time to replace your engine oil:

Number of Miles 

Miles is one of the most effective ways to determine when your next oil change is due. Every car manufacturer recommends oil change intervals in mile increments. The numbers can vary depending on your vehicle’s age/model and the type of oil it takes. You can find your vehicle’s specific interval in the owner’s manual. Older vehicles with simpler engine designs tend to use conventional oil and require oil changes every 3,000 miles. Whereas, newer model vehicles take synthetic oil, which can last between 5,000-10,000 miles between every oil change.

Automatic Notification or Message 

Most vehicles nowadays give you a notice when service is due. It can be displayed on the infotainment system or dashboard as a light or message. If you are forgetful or bad at keeping track of miles since your last oil change, this notification system can be your best friend.

Checking with the Dipstick

If you aren’t sure, it is always better to be safe than sorry to check your oil manually. All it requires is opening the hood and locating the dipstick. Make sure to clean off your dipstick and reinsert it back into the oil for a more accurate reading. If the oil appears low, dark, contaminated, or all of the above, you need to replace your motor oil immediately. 

Let us keep your vehicle in good shape with regular oil changes. We can help you save money and prevent headaches by adequately maintaining your car. If you need an oil change soon, please call or visit West Coast Tire & Service.