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10 Inventive Ways to Upcycle Used Car Tires


After buying new tires, most tire companies will accept your old car tires, for an additional modest fee. However, before you turn in your old rubber to them, consider upcycling it instead. There are lots of things you can do with old tires that won't send them to the landfill. Take a look at these great upcycling ideas, and see which ones might work for you.

Why Not Start With a Tire Swing?:

We included the most obvious upcycling use for a tire first. But just because it's the most obvious way to upcycle car tires doesn't make it any less fun for you or your kids! Plus, it's a quick and easy way to create something new from old tires.

Garden Ornament Tire Planters:

Hang this beautiful tire planter from your tree, and you'll have a cute and charming addition to your front yard! There are many different garden planters you can choose from, but this design stands out as an awesome planter you can hang almost anywhere.

Upcycle a Car Tire Into a Tire Umbrella Stand:

Keeping your umbrellas secure in this easy DIY craft using an old car tire is a great idea. The tire keeps the water off your floor, and you can paint the tire to match the color of your room.

Make A Comfy Doggie Bed for Your Dog-Tired Pooch:

Give your four-legged pal a luxurious warm place to sleep, for not a lot of money! A Painted tire and some soft cushioning are all you need. Your canine companion will thank you for it!

A Subwoofer From Car Tires:

Using a car tire, you can create an enclosure for your subwoofer speaker. Not only is it cheap and easy, but the rubber and metal in the car tires do help to put out some nice sounding bass.

Create a DIY Outdoor Pond With Old Car Tires:

With a few old car or truck tires, pond liner, and a few other supplies, you too can create a lovely outdoor pond for your backyard. The best part about this pond is that it is small enough to fit in even small yards without any hassle.

Create a Rubber Mat From Old Car Tires:

It may take a little work to cut the tire into smaller pieces, but when you're done you'll have a foot mat that's durable and made to last. Plus, because it's made from a recycled tire, it's environmentally friendly to boot!

Slip-Proof Stairs With Treads From Car Tires:

Tires are really good at gripping the road. So why not use them to help steady your footing on your stairs? Simply cut the tires to match your staircase, and secure them into place. You can use bolts, screws, or glue (or more than one!) to keep the rubber secure to your staircase.

Car Tires Help make a fun Playground for Kids to Enjoy:

Because old car tires are tough, yet flexible, they make great tools to create an inexpensive and fun playground for kids. There are so many different play sets you can make from old car tires, you may want to get another set of new tires to make them!

Stack Old Car Tires to Make a Handy Storage Bin

Probably one of the simplest DIY projects around! First, attach casters to a piece of plywood cut to the size of the tire. Next, attach that plywood to the bottom of one of the tires using bolts and nuts. This makes the storage very easy to move around. After that, stack 2-4 tires on top of the first. Then, secure them all together with more nuts, bolts, and washers if needed. Finally, cover or paint the tires. You now have a moveable storage for poles, hockey sticks, brooms, and other long tools.

Great Car Tire Upcycling Tips From the New Tire experts

As you can see, there are lots of very interesting and creative ways to reuse and recycle old car tires. Whether you use them as household items, garden decorations, toys for kids playgrounds or even furniture, you are helping to reduce waste. Old car tires can add a rustic, yet artistic touch to your outdoor décor and garden design, as well as your indoor décor. As for replacing those old car tires, the best place to go for new tires in Los Angeles is West Coast Tire and Service. Their expert, friendly, and professional staff, plus their huge selection of car and truck tires, makes it easy to find the right tire at the right price. Have fun upcycling your old car tires!